Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Twice a year students organise the art history student congress for the German speaking countries, this semesters congress is organised by the art history students of the university of Leipzig, among the team - me ;)
We have been putting together the program, the finances, the PR, etc for the last 18 months. Yes academic structures take their time. The prouder we are now to invite all students of art history but also those interested in the subject to participate in this free event. The theme we chose for the 91st edition, also as a recurrence to ongoing political debates, is 'the other', under the German title 'Vermeintlich anders' we invite you to reflect on what is 'different' for you and see how the subject is treated by art. Not only will you find very interesting talks from the 24th - 27th November, but also a huge surrounding culture program with guided tours as well as a party to get to know Leipzig and its people!
Find the program on our website;
or keep up-to-date on facebook/kskinleipzig