Michelle Kleyr

Video Artist, Photographer and Illustrator

born 1990 in Luxembourg & currently studying History of Art in Leipzig

Engaging in different creative mediums and exploring new innovative combinations of those, 
I embrace an experimental process to create artworks that make use of a delicate but playful visual language. 

Exhibitions, Publications, Awards & other Activities:
- Video The Art of Movement Underwater shown at the Openscreen Special Event Hairy Days, March 2017
- Video works shown at the offspace exhibition White Horse is jumping so far by Molina Ghosh's Evening Course at the HGB in Leipzig, Lindenau, February 2017
- Video Meandering Dreams shown at the Konschtkëscht (cross-border video art project -> more) during July 2016
- Text published on the website of the f/stop photo-festival of Leipzig, June 2016
- Photographs shown at the HGB Rundgang 11th- 14th February 2016 in Leipzig (more)

- Videoprojections and underwater photography shown as part of the biannual ballet and music show in Echternach, Luxembourg, December 2015 (more)
- co-organisation of the Konscht an Kulturkolloquium at the alternative summit Anert Europa, November 2015
- Short films screened at the mini cinema at the Kolla Art Festival (website), August 2015
- Photography displayed at the Abendakademie-Jahresausstellung 2015 at the HGB in Leipzig from the 24th - 27th June 2015
- co-organisation of the exhibitions Stop&Go by the young collective Konglomerat, in Leipzig, 2015 (read a review here)

- Photos shown at the BSoUP (British Society of Underwater Photographers) stand at the Birmingham Dive Show at the National Exhibition Center, October 2014
- Masterclass - Wet Collodion Process with photographer Joel Nepper, Luxembourg August 2014
- The collaborative art project Miroirs consisting of live music with abstract video projection was performed on the 15th of July 2014 at the fête de la musique in Echternach, Luxembourg
- My article A Brief History of Underwater Imaging was published in the 101st edition of in Focus, the magazine of the Britsh Society of Underwater Photographers 
- Photography displayed at the 1st edition of the music and culture festival Last Summer Dance, Mersch, August 2013
- 2nd edition of Art under the Roof in Brussels, 10th July 2013
- Spectrum, Degree Show at the Rag Factory, London. 30th May - 3rd June 2013. spectrumdegreeshow.co.uk
- Photography and drawings exhibited at Artlenster in Junglinster/Luxembourg, March 2013. (artlenster.lu)
- Work screened at the Strange Cargo Light Festival  in Cheriton 23rd February 2013. (www.strangecargo.org.uk)

- Animation and photographs projected at the first edition of Art under the Roof in Brussels, December 2012  (artundertheroof.tumblr.com)
- Work printed in the third issue of Glue  (UCA student run magazine)

- Article about my video The Art of Movement Underwater published on: underwaterfashion.org

- Was awarded the prix du public (public's choice award) category 18-26, at the Jugend Konscht Woch  in Differdange/Luxembourg, May 2012.
- Personal work shown in the photography group-exhibition series Guerrilla Maidstone  2011-2012 ( www.guerrillamaidstone.tumblr.com)

- Fashion Illustrations published in the book Fashion Africa by Jacqueline Shaw in 2011
(Buy online)
- Contribution to the Competition Next Generation published in the extra of the Newspaper Lëtzebuerger Land on 24th December 2011. 

- First prize in a yearly photography competition at the Lycée classique d'Echternach in 2010

- Drawings shown at XPO E: La section artistique s'expose, Carré Rotondes, Luxembourg 2009
- Paintings shown in an exhibition for hobby artists in Herborn, Luxembourg, May 2008

other Links:

My art collective Richtung 22 - www.richtung22.org

British Society of Underwater Photographers: BSoUP

Caroline Mirkes invented-arts.tumblr.com